Best watches for kids under $50

5 best watches for Kids under 50 $

Are you looking for the best kid’s watches under $50?Do you want to excite your kids with a new watch that will keep all his friends entertained? kids love simple and exciting things.That characteristics have to be translated into the different things they carry  including watches.

Buying a wristwatch for your kid is an important step towards independence and to the adult world. A wristwatch is slowly getting out of date with the advent of smartphones. Analog kid’s watch is a crucial tool in your child’s learning process. This helps him learn the fundamental principles of saying time while allowing him to prepare and schedule his time. For kids, many timepiece have come out with exciting watches, with an added touch of various features such as alarms, camera, and calendar. Although watches are like grownups, your choice should be robust enough to cope with active lifestyles and curious thoughts. The list of best kids watches under $50 is blow.

1.Timex Boys Time Machines Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Watch

Timex Boys Time Machines Kids Watch

  • Adjustable blue 16mm elastic fabric strap with shark pattern fits up to 6-inch wrist circumference.
  • These kids watch is water-resistant to 100feet(30meter).
  • Overall, it can tolerate splashes or brief water immersion, but not ideal for swimming or bathing.
  • Easy-to-read white dial with minutes marked for learning.
  • This kids watch is lightweight and notably features an Indiglo backlight display that makes it bright and colorful.
  • Translucent blue 28mm resin case with acrylic lens.
  • This kid watch has a pleasant revolving second-hand graphic.


  1. Comfortable to wear.
  2. 30meter(100feet) water resistant.
  3. Lightweight.


2.Disney Kids’ W002437 Frozen Elsa & Anna Time Watch

Disney Kids' W002437 Frozen Elsa & Anna Time kid Watch

  • Disney Kids watch is an excellent educational toy for the young, displaying.
    the favorite characters of Disney’s Elsa and Anna of the Frozen cartoon.
  • Plastic 32 mm case with mineral dial window.
  • Japanese quartz movement with analog display.
  • This kids watch contains notably features water resistance construction of up to 30 meters.
  • In general, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming.
  • The monochrome display features an e-paper that gives it daytime and night visibility.


  1. Water-resistant to 30m (100ft).
  2. Excellent tool for learning.
  3. Japanese quartz movement.
  4. Affordable.


3.Boys Camouflage LED Sports Kids Watch

Camouflage LED Sports Kids Watch

  • This kids watch is multifunctional includes Light, Stop Watch, Waterproof, Shockproof, Calendar, EL Backlight, Alarm Clock, this sports watch is a perfect fit with all kinds of sports and it’s really an everyday watch.
  • 164feet(40meater) water-resistant, Feel free to wear the watch when you get wet in the rain, take a shower, or wash hands. But please do not press any buttons under the water, and in case of damaging the waterproof ring, please keep it away from steam and hot water.
  • Digital watch: Trendy sporty dial concept, the outlook for military style. Big dial and light numbers, display time clearly in the dark.
  • Fashionable, still very cute. Amazing looking watch, a perfect gift for family and friends. This watch for boys is more appropriate for most children over the age of 10, there are also a few children under the age of 10 who can wear too.


  1. Resistance to water is 164ft(40m).
  2. comfortable bracelet.
  3. Big display number that makes it easy to read time for kids.


4.Marvel Boys’ Touch-Screen Watch with Silicone Strap

Marvel Boys' Touch-Screen Watch

  • This kids watch contains fun selfie-cam and video.
  • Download your amazing images and videos-share these priceless moments
    in a safe and convenient way with friends and family.
  • A long-lasting battery allows for uninterrupted fun throughout the day and night.
  • This kids watch is not water-resistant.
  • Official Spider-Man kid’s smartwatch with selfie-cam, voice recorder, 3x games, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and calculator


  1. this kid’s watch has touch screen movement.
  2. Long-lasting battery.
  3. Download images and videos through this kid’s watch as you want.


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5.Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch

Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch

  • Insert the SIM card into the Smartwatch for kids, Download the SeTracker2 app.
    Compatible only with a 2G  SIM card network. We recommend Speed Talk Or T-mobile.
    You can then call them at any time, or in some way send the post.
  • Parents don’t need to think about whether the children’s smartwatch would annoy them when they are at school or in class. Parents can switch to “Do
    Not Disturb mode 3 times. These functions are prohibited against all features such as call, game, camera but except for emergency SOS.
  • The watch positioning is focused on the signal transmission station at your location and is also connected to the network signal in your area. When kids are signaling indoors or at a bad GPS location. The error in positioning is set to 0.3~4 miles.
  • This kids watch is waterproof.
  • In general, this kids watch is suitable for kids washing hands or swimming. Your kids can enjoy their happy swimming and shower time.
  • Upgrade to HD Touch Screen newly designed. Compatible with Speedtalk mobile, makes call easier, voice chat. flashlight, camera, LBS location, phone book, talk-back, footprint, alarm clock, safe area, SOS, game, two-way call.


  1. Water-resistant.
  2. GPS tracker installed.







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