20 Best smart watches for men

If you are looking for the best smart watches for men at a reasonable and low price, then here you can find the 20 best smart watches for men at affordable prices. The best smartwatches on your wrist will do more than just screen updates. They’re all in one: a fitness tracker, a wallet, and even, in some cases, a phone.

Of course, compatibility is the first thing you want to remember when you buy a smart watch. The majority of devices currently available use Wear OS, Google’s wearable operating system. Wear OS supports iOS, but before you buy in, make sure to find out if the features you want are available on iOS. Android and iOS are also supported by the Fitbit OS and Samsung’s Tizen. As you would imagine, the Apple Watch connects exclusively to devices powered by iOS, so it’s iPhone-only. Be sure to choose a watch that’s compatible with your own mobile device.

Start by determining how your smartwatch will be used. Are you loyal to Android or the iPhone?You need to connect most smartwatches with your smartphone and they will run on the same operating system ( OS). Wear OS by Google provides Google Assistant, Google Pay, and access to a range of applications in the Google Play app store for Android users.WatchOS 7 can be expected for iOS users to include the new wellness, fitness, and productivity resources, along with access to the Apple app store. Bear in mind that while your smartphone can do almost anything, the only drawback is that smart watches have not yet evolved to replace smartphones entirely.

For your convenience, we’ve put this list of 20 best smart watches for men review together to help you find an affordable alternative that meets your standards. .So, get ready for picking some of the best smartwatches for men.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm, GPS, Bluetooth) – Silver/Black (US Version)|Best smart watches for men|

This Samsung watch featuring smooth lines and an elegant look, a thick 46 mm silver version, and a discreet 42 mm black edition is available in two sizes. This watch has a facility of wireless charging. 3G / LTE networking and an intuitive screen are included. This combines smart functionality with the classic timepiece dial. It includes fitness monitoring and heart rate monitoring.

A daily assistant and third-party app accessibility, such as Strava, Uber, and Spotify are in this watch. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best smart watches for men on the market. It is compatible with Samsung smartphones, Non-Samsung Android Smartphone(Android OS 5.0 and above RAM 1.5GB and above ), iOS 9.0, and above iPhone 5 and above.


2. Garmin D2 Delta PX, GPS Pilot Watch

Garmin D2 Delta PX, GPS Pilot Watch with Pulse Ox Sensor, Includes Smartwatch Features, Heart Rate and Music, Titanium with Titanium Band |Best smart watches for men| In order to enjoy the Garmin Delta D2 Aviator, you do not need to be a pilot. Accessible in 3 styles and sizes. It has a classic aesthetic that recalls the watch of a typical aviator, but there is unrivaled versatility under the skin. The visualization, waypoint comparison, and flight logging functions will be loved by aviation enthusiasts. The workout meters, fitness tracking, and daily activity trackers would be appreciated by fitness fanatics. This smart watch is designed for extra-robust durability because of the materials used. Wherever you go, it can come with you on land, sea, or air.

Garmin Pay provides a wealth of flexible features, so you can pay for transactions even though you have left your wallet at home. Offering full comfort, a comfortable and versatile silicone band is simple to substitute with a stylish leather one. The Delta D2 aviator knows how to please its users though it doesn’t have Samsung’s connectivity. Easily store and play up to 500 songs on your watch.


3. Garmin 010-02157-00 Fenix 6X Pro, Premium Multisport GPS Watch

Garmin D2 Delta PX, GPS Pilot Watch with Pulse Ox Sensor, Includes Smartwatch Features, Heart Rate and Music, Titanium with Titanium Band | best smart watches for men |

Its something to behold from this solar beauty. The ability to absorb energy from the sun for a power boost is an immense 1.4-inch monitor (which is considerably larger than its predecessors). You get heart, pulse ox, altitude acclimatization, and sleep readings that are advanced. It also provides advanced training features, such as speed guidance and forecasts for effort based on VO2 Max. Especially great for skiers; over 2000 preloaded resort maps are available.

Other highlights include enhanced wrist heart rate (The data and information provided by these devices is intended to be a close estimation of your activity and metrics tracked, but may not be precisely accurate), smart notifications (when paired with a compatible smartphone), pulse ox (this is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition) sensing, Garmin Pay contactless payments (not all countries and payment networks are eligible) and more. This smart watch has a long-lasting battery life of 21 days.


4. Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm)

New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band|best smart watches for men|The Apple Watch is still the best smart watches for men out there, and year after year, the only reason I stick to the iPhone writes one reviewer. The overall quality and interface applications are well-tailored, precise tracking of health and fitness with iPhone interaction. With the always-on display, the watch easily gets through a full day, and with heavy use, it could make it free of charge about halfway through day 2. Track your daily activity on Apple Watch and see your trends in the Fitness app on iPhone. This watch measures workouts like running, walking, cycling, yoga, swimming, and dance.


5. Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44mm)

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44mm) - Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band|best smart watches for men|

Apple Smart Watches for men are a beautiful blend of style and usefulness. With the Apple Watch Series 5 around your wrist, not only will you look amazing in the workplace, but you will also be able to remain linked to all of your updates, text messages, and emails without having to pick up your phone. It’s great for the gym as well. Your movement during the day is monitored by the new generation of Apple Watches and is waterproof, so it won’t crack when you take laps in the pool and definitely won’t be ruined by a little sweat. And Apple also offers loads of top-rated applications as one of the world’s best smart watches for men.


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6. Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire

Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire, Premium Multisport GPS Watch, features Mapping, Music, Grade-Adjusted Pace Guidance and Pulse Ox Sensors, Dark Gray with Black Band|best smart watches for men| The Garmin Fenix 6x looks as good as it works, unlike a lot of clunky sports watches. There’s not much that this watch can’t help you achieve with active features like GPS, ski maps, speed guidance for runs, and a barometric altimeter for climbs or hikes. Garmin has filled this smartwatch with cutting-edge health monitoring tools to justify the price tag. As you exercise, it can control your heart rate and pulse, not to mention its capabilities for sleep tracking. In addition, including when listening to music and using the GPS features, this smartwatch boasts an all-day battery life.

Garmin Pay facilitates contactless payment for city dwellers. Smart alerts can also be sent to your watch and music can be stored so that you can listen to tunes without having to bring your phone with you. This smart watch has a long-lasting battery life of up to 14 days in smartwatch mode, up to 10 hours in GPS and music mode, up to 28 days in expedition GPS activity mode, and up to 48 days in battery saver watch mode.


7. Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch

Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch - Ceramic Bezel - Carbon Black Strap (US Warranty) |best smart watches for men|

The Huawei Watch 2, one of the best budget smartwatches for sale right now, should be looked at by Android lovers more closely. For active users, there are several features, including GPS, continuous heart rate, and even sleep monitoring, to recover intelligently after a workout. Contactless payment and making a voice assistant accessible right on your wrist are beyond such active features. With Google Play Music, you can download and play music directly on your watch.  All you’re going to need is a pair of wireless earbuds to pair your watch with, and you’re going to be done. The style is not as small or sleek as the smartwatches from Apple or Samsung, and you’re going to have to compromise on battery life, but it’s still one of the best smart watches for men under $300.


8. Fossil Gen 5 Stainless Steel Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Speaker, Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, and Smartphone Notifications|best smart watches for men|The Fossil Gen 5 is evidence that the watch brand can make a killer wearable at a very affordable price, and has been steadily improving its smartwatch game. You have access to Google Assistant right on your wrist with Google Wear OS. The Fossil Gen 5 also has a small built-in speaker, like all the best smart watches for men, so that you can hear notifications and take phone calls.

In our recommendations, the 24-hour battery life is not the best, but it charges up to 80 percent in a single charging hour. And you can appreciate the swim-proof design as well as GPS and activity monitoring if you’re the active kind.Gen 5’s improved heart-rate sensor is battery efficient, so you can check your heart rate anytime you’re on the move. Water-resistant to 30 meters. You can download third-party apps with 8Gb of storage and 1G ram memory capacity.


9. Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included)|best smart watches for men|

For those who enjoy a Fitbit’s fitness monitoring but also want smart watch features, the Fitbit Versa is. With a touchscreen AMOLED display that has a never-off feature, you can have all the great things you love about the best Fitbit items, heart rate monitor, pedometer. This watch doesn’t want to replace your smartphone; it’s a trustworthy companion instead. When your watch is connected with your phone, you can view your messages and look at your calendar, but the watch itself does not have GPS or offline music listening capabilities, so if you want to monitor where you are going on your run, you will always need your phone. This smart watch is compatible Apple iPhone 6 Plus.


10. Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm, GPS, Bluetooth)

Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm, GPS, Bluetooth) – Midnight Black (US Version)|best smart watches for men| The Samsung Galaxy is a smartwatch that looks fantastic with a crazy amount of battery life. On a single charge, the Galaxy will last up to five days, which is perfect for a watch of this caliber. And as far as aesthetics go, with casual and professional wear, this watch looks excellent, especially for how much activity it can handle. With the Tizen OS, a simple-to-use operating system, Samsung runs, making it the best option for individuals dabbling with their first smartwatch.

This smartwatch may not have a heart rate sensor or pedometer as reliable as the Fossil Sport or Fitbit Versa, but a better track record (no pun intended) is available for sleep monitoring. This is one of the best smart watches for men in the world. For Android users who would like to get a fashionable smart watch around their wrist at budget rates, we suggest this watch.



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11. Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker with Built-in GPS, Heart Rate, Sleep & Swim Tracking, Black/Black, One Size (S &L Bands Included) | best smart watches for men |

Several reviewers listed the superior health monitoring of the Fitbit at such a low price point. One reviewer writes that it offers valuable details about daily fitness: “I find it very specific because my daily sleep score correlates very well to how comfortable I feel that day.” Watching your resting heart rate is also a strong fitness level predictor and is a nice thing to monitor over time. Another praises the display, which is “easy to read, even in sunlight, depending on the face of the watch and your eyesight,[and] the quick menus are intuitive.” The multi-day battery lasts up to 7 days and up to 5 hours when using built-in GPS (varies with use & other factors.

Play your favorite songs and playlists with Spotify app controls on your wrist. Also, make secure purchases with Fitbit Pay and get called text, and smartphone app notifications.


12. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (40mm, GPS, Bluetooth) Smart Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (40mm, GPS, Bluetooth) Smart Watch with Advanced Health monitoring, Fitness Tracking , and Long lasting Battery - Aqua Black (US Version)|best smart watches for men| The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is tough to beat when you want seamless integration between your Samsung phone and your watch. The same goes for other smartphones based on Android, so this is the best smartwatch for Android phones. This is one of the world’s finest smartwatches, also compared to the Apple Watch, strictly from a style point of view. On your wrist, the Galaxy Watch Active2 looks fantastic. Nevertheless, though this smart watch wins out on design and style, Samsung loses some feature points.

To provide hands-free access to all of your applications and messaging, Active 2 uses the proprietary Bixby voice assistant and Bixby is not quite as powerful as Siri or Alexa.  And since the Galaxy Watch Active2 runs on the Tizen OS, there are fewer applications available for this wearable compared to smartwatches running Apple or Google’s operating systems.  Those are slight limitations, however, and this is still a seriously impressive smartwatch.
You can practically leave your wallet and handset at home with Samsung Pay on your watch. For regular users, for a full picture of your everyday health, the watch provides activity data as well as insights into your recovery and sleep habits. Not to mention, on date night or in the workplace, it’s just a nice-looking watch that will keep you looking sharp. Consider the Active2, available in many colors and two sizes, whether you want a stylish, wearable phone or a fitness tracker.

13. Suunto 7, GPS Sport Smartwatch

Suunto 7, GPS Sport Smartwatch with Wear OS by Google|best smart watches for men|

This watch is a SPY favorite for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. This makes a great sports watch, a great GPS watch, and a versatile fitness tracker in one unit, accurate GPS, water-resistant, heart rate monitor, offline map downloads, and various sport modes. In addition, the watch runs on Google’s Wear OS, which lets you display incoming calls, your schedule, and use Google Pay.  Oh yeah, and on your wrist, you’ve got Google Assistant.

Not to mention, on date night, this watch looks as amazing as it does when you kick ass on the trails.
Get your favorite apps updated, receive updates, and easily search your watch for messages. This watch has a long-lasting battery life of Up to 48h in smart watch use or up to 12h in GPS tracking mode. Smartwatch features that make everyday life easier, Help from Google Assistant, quick payments with Google Pay, personalized coaching from Google Fit thousands of apps on Google Play plus daily features like notifications, calendar reminders, and weather. Suunto 7 is designed and tested in Finland. It’s waterproof up to 50 meters and the bright high-resolution OLED touch screen is protected with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass.

14. Garmin Forerunner 935

Garmin 010-01746-00 Forerunner 935 Running GPS Unit (Black) | best smart watches for men |

It should be very clear by now that Garmin manufactures a lot of the best smart watches for men. For those who want a good-looking watch, but still, need a lot of utility from their computer, the Garmin Forerunner 935 is a solid choice. As the Apple Watch does, this smartwatch has every bit of usefulness but is specially designed for activities. A handful of multi-sport activities can be registered, including running, cycling, and swimming, to name a few.

Through monitoring things such as your stride length and your projected recovery time, the data goes even more in-depth. For monitoring your distances and elevation, it also has GPS, an altimeter, and a barometer. You can also get updates from your phone on your watch, outside the exercise usefulness, so you can stay linked without taking out your phone. We recommend going with this Garmin if you want a fashionable smartwatch but need a little more activity monitoring capabilities.


15. Suunto Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch

Suunto Core All Black Military Men's Outdoor Sports Watch - SS014279010|best smart watches for men|

For those who need bit more from their watch, the Suunto Core Military Sports Watch. This watch has an array of characteristics, including an altimeter that records the elevation obtained while hiking, trail running, or climbing, as well as compass to help you if you get lost. And when you are outside, the barometer detects drops in air pressure and a storm is beginning to develop. But just because it’s ultra-rough, this watch doesn’t mean it’s not stylish. If you are dressing up for your meeting or getting prepared for a long trail run, the broad all-black watch face and the black band look fantastic. Consider this Suunto if you want a watch that will keep up with you, no matter the operation or weather.
The operating temperature of this watch is  20° C to +60° C / 5° F to +140° F and Storage temperature: 30° C to +60° C / 22° F to +140° F.

16. Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch - Activity, Sleep, Fitness and Heart Rate Tracker with Connected GPS|best smart watches for men|Some of the Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch’s key features include a 24/7 heart rate monitor, 50 m water resistance, and mobile alerts (such as updates from calls, messages, and apps). It also has a workout Multisport Monitoring feature, which is tracked and recapped using the Health Mate app; and a tracker for sleep. In several different exercise activities, such as walking, riding, and swimming, the monitoring function can be used. It also has a GPS that helps the user to monitor the progress of the operation.


Various strap colors and fabrics, such as leather, silicone, and metal, can also be personalized for the watch. This watch is made of high-quality stainless steel 316L stock, with a battery that can be recharged for up to 25 days.

17. Timex Men’s IQ+ Move Activity Tracker Leather Strap Smart Watch

Timex Men's IQ+ Move Activity Tracker Leather Strap Smart Watch|best smart watches for men|

The Timex iQ+ Move Activity Tracker has a sleek look that can be wear as a dres’ watch while also monitoring health and fitness activities. The size of this hybrid smart watch/activity tracker will look great on all wrist sizes, so this is great for both men and women. It is water-resistant (up to 50 meters), has the Timex Indiglo feature, syncs alarms, and timers, and has a perpetual calendar. It monitors measures, calories burned, distance covered, and sleep metrics.

This watch would also not need to be charged for a year after purchase. If you are looking for a decent luminous watch for low light, the illuminated “Indaglo” makes this a top choice.


18. Fossil Men’s Grant Stainless Steel and Leather Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Men's Grant Stainless Steel and Leather Hybrid Smartwatch with Activity Tracking and Smartphone Notifications|best smart watches for men|

There is activity tracking (steps walked and calories burned), customizable buttons (to monitor music and dates), sleep tracking, target tracking on the Fossil Q Grant smartwatch. You will be able to connect to your phone thanks to the Bluetooth feature. You will get a buzz on the watch if there is a notification. Using the Fossil app, you will enjoy these functions using AndroidTM OS 5.0 + and iOS 9.0 + smartphones.
This watch is battery-powered as well. You do not need to worry about charging continuously, as the battery life will last for six months to year.  It’s water-resistant, too, so there’s no need to think about it being wet.  Apart from having adjustable straps (it is compatible with all types of 22 mm 
straps), several Grant owners have also pointed out the elegant nature of the watch.
Multiple time zones, stopwatch, ring-your cell warning that helps you to locate your cell when it goes missing, date reminders, and music control are other functions.  With the click of button on the screen, you can also take photos.

19. Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch

Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch for Men (MH1B2S20RB) Swiss Made, Black Rubber Strap, Black Stainless Steel Case, Black Face, White Hands and Numbers|best smart watches for men|

The Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart watch, the brand’s first-ever, actually has 9 different models in total. The dial has a mix of index markers and Arabic (12, 3, and 9 o’clock positions). A secondary dial that indicates the regular target of the consumer is at the 6 o’clock spot. This watch can be combined with an Android or iOS phone, which will measure movement and sleep, powered by MotionX technology. However, this watch doesn’t have an email, calls, or social media notification feature.100FT / 3 ATM water-resistant, scratch-resistant anti-reflective sapphire crystal.


CASIO G-SHOCK G'MIX GBA-400-1AJF Men's Japan import|best smart watches for men|

Casio is a popular brand of sports watches that has been producing rugged watches for a long time. The G-Shock G-Mix has also been riding the smartwatch surge lately. Smartphone Linkage and BluetoothSmart are the features of the G-Shock G-Mix, which allow the user to connect the watch and the phone that can be used as remote control of the music player on the phone and some watch settings.

The G’MIX app, which lets you customize music with an equalizer, is illustrated by this watch. The watch has many
presets for different styles of music, which can recreate the atmosphere of live venues in a reverb environment.
You may also use the watch to check for music/songs that you do not know the title of, using the Soundhound app.

Some of the other features include world time (300 cities), alarm, timer lighting, and a find-your-phone function that allows you to make a sound on the smartphone even if it is in silent mode. A part of the brand’s Bluetooth-enabled G-Shocks is the G-Mix.

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